Lessons from the Last Swiss Finishing School
(The New Yorker)

The Fearless Cinema of Claire Denis
(The New Yorker)

The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer
The paucity of resources for those who have taken a life by mistake
(The New Yorker)

What Happened After Mexico's Greatest Architect Was Turned Into a Diamond
A Latin American media meltdown

Stump the Bookseller
Reconnecting people with the books they love but can't quite remember
(The New York Times Magazine)

Little Things
The Outsize Pleasure of the Very Small

The Quiet Menace of Kelly Reichardt's Feminist Westerns
A director's spare and often uncomfortably observant films
(The New York Times Magazine)

Body of Work
The Architect Who Became a Diamond
(The New Yorker)

In the Shadow of Geneva Eating Dry Bread
Meet my brilliant friend Malka

Making a Museum out of a Mountain
Reinhold Messner, South Tyrol, and incremental ambition

The Soho House Plan for World Domination
Who joins a country club today? 

The Riders of the Waves
On William Finnegan’s Barbarian Days
(The New York Review of Books)

Dear Diary, I Hate You
Reflections on journals in an age of overshare
(The New Yorker)

R U There?
A new counseling service harnesses the power of the text message
(The New Yorker)

Pictures from an Institution
A profile of Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College
(The New Yorker)

Found Money
Cattle, tractors, and reality TV

Ryan McGinley: Naked and Famous
A photographer and his influence

Big wave surfing, NorCal slang, and near-death experiences

Interview with Renata Adler
“I never attacked anyone weak" 
(The Believer)

On the Market
My year working at Sotheby’s

Sad as Hell
Internet anxiety as brain disease